Art Prints by Enikő Eged

Memorable for their graphic and abstracted depictions of animals and nature, Enikő Eged’s prints can introduce warm colour and playful storytelling to any interior.
Below is a showcase of 3 of her most-depicted animals to introduce you to the best of her work, but you can shop our full Enikő Eged collection yourself here. Or click on the image to shop each print!
Her depiction of a cat’s multi-faceted nature is spot on. There’s one for every cat lover.
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These horses feel like they’re straight out of a fairytale…
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I personally love having images of birds around the house, classically representing calm and tranquility.
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Spring time is a great time to introduce some artwork to your walls, and with Enikő Egeds broad collection of bright, illustrative prints we’re spoilt for choice!