Smooth Coconut Bowl – Original

Smooth Coconut Bowl – Original

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Introducing the first Motto Bamboo Coconut bowl.

Handmade in rural Vietnam, this coconut bowl is the perfect addition to your sustainable must-haves!

As we try to use every bit of the coconut shell, each coconut bowl will be slightly different in size, colour, and texture.


- Polished smooth with Motto Bamboo logo etched in.

- Truly vegan coconut bowls 

- Diameter: 12cm – 14cm.

- Depth: approximately 6 cm.

- 100% biodegradable, meaning once your coconut bowl has reached the end of its lifecycle you can just place it in the compost and let it go naturally



Care & Usage

- Not dishwasher safe

- Once you receive your coconut bowl, we recommend that you rub coconut oil over the bowl, doing this once you receive it and then every so often afterward will prolong the life of your coconut bowl